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Terms of Sale


If you are purchasing a gecko please read the following:

Payments are accepted through PayPal.

A non-refundable deposit of 25% (per gecko) is required to place a gecko on hold. The hold deposit is for that particular gecko only. If you are involved in a payment plan and change your mind on your purchase, any payments minus the hold deposit can be transferred to the newly chosen gecko, however, an additional 25% non-refundable deposit for the new gecko will be required. If you change your mind all together, a credit (minus the non-refundable deposits) will be issued toward a future purchase and will be good for one full year after date of issue. NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.


No gecko is considered on hold until a deposit is sent, however, you must email me for approval before sending a deposit or you will be subject to the fees that I am charged to give you a refund (PayPal still charges fees for sales even if the money is refunded).

All sales are done through email or private messages only. I like to have a written record of all transactions, therefore I do not conduct any sales over the phone.


Payment Plans

Payment plans are available for all purchases on the website via Wix/PayPal if offered to you, you will be able to choose the PayPal PAY LATER option on the website during checkout if you are able to do so, this is a WIX/PAYPAL option this is not me personally offering this. If you contact me payment plans are available on anything over $500. All purchases MUST be paid off within 30 days of initial deposit, unless other arrangements have been made. I am a very reasonable and lenient person, if you need more time, depending on the shipping window it can usually be arranged. If an extended payment plan can not be arranged your deposit will be forfeit, your payments will be changed to a credit and the gecko will be listed for sale.

*Payment plans may be subject to seasonal shipping windows.


Shipping is only available to the continental 48 United States, and is done through FedEx Priority Overnight Monday-Wednesday with arrival Tuesday through Thursday. Shipping prices will be added in at checkout and we currently offer a FLATE RATE of $70. Orders over $1,000 qualify for free shipping.

I will not be held responsible for issues or delays with the carrier.

I will only ship when temperatures are safe (between 40-90) in all destinations, this includes, my area, your area, and the fed ex hubs that your gecko will be traveling through. I take into consideration the overnight lows as well as the daytime highs. I will include a heat pack or cool pack if I feel one is needed. I will only ship to HUBS in warmer or colder temps, if I am shipping to your area and you do not receive animals before noon.  You MUST be able to pick up at a hub. It is unfair to the animal to be packed and shipped for that long of a time and temps can change as well as weather. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR A DOA IF YOU REFUSE TO PICK UP AT A HUB IN TEMPS EXCEEDING 80 OR LOWS BELOW 50. Anything in between is fine to have shipped to your door! 



I guarantee live arrival to hubs only due to more common carrier delays and/or unless stated above you refuse to ship to a hub in temps exceeding 80 or lows below 50). In the unlikely event that your gecko arrives dead on arrival (DOA), I will reimburse you the cost of the gecko(s) in the form of a credit (no cash refunds will be given). Shipping charges of the replacement gecko will be your responsibility. I do not reimburse shipping costs. If your package is late however, we may be able to get you a refund through the shipping company (less any fees). A proper address must be given and someone must be available to sign for and receive the package upon the FIRST delivery attempt. If no one is there to receive the package, or the driver is unable to obtain a signature, my guarantee will be null and void. Please contact me within 1 hour of delivery no matter what! I love these animals, and I always worry when shipping them.

It is always a possibility that a gecko can drop their tail during shipping. This is something that they can do at any given time, tail loss is NOT covered.

In the unfortunate event of a DOA, I MUST be contacted by email within 1 hour of delivery. Be prepared to send me photographic evidence and in some cases I may even ask for the dead gecko(s) to be sent back. Do not dispose of them until you have my approval.

Once the animal is in the hands of the buyer, it's health and well-being is beyond my control. I am always available for any questions and care information and if asked will direct buyers to care sheets if needed. I will not guarantee the health (sickness or accident) of the animal once the responsibilities belong to the new owner.

However, if within 7 days of purchase health issues related to genetics arise, I must be contacted ASAP. You will be advised to take your gecko to a reptilian veterinarian (all vet bills that you incur are your responsibility), if the veterinarian finds the cause to be genetic I will stand behind my animals 100% and I will issue a credit for the cost of the gecko (no cash refunds will be given). Shipment of the replacement gecko will be your responsibility.

A copy of the test results or necropsy evidence as well as veterinary contact information must be provided before credit will be issued.

*issues resulting from improper husbandry or accidents are not covered.

I like to consider myself a very fair person, and all issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


I do not guarantee color. I feel the pictures that I provide are very accurate and I am always more than willing to take more for you.

I do not guarantee the sex of a gecko unless it is actually stated Male or Female. The terms unsexed, possible female, probable female, no pores seen, pores seen, etc. are just my observations at the time the gecko is posted for sale, they are not a guarantee of sex. Also, please do not assume the sex of a gecko due to their name, as every gecko hatched here is assigned a name right out of the egg.

If you are purchasing a gecko being sold as unsexed, please refrain from asking to have it checked for pores while it is on hold.

**This Guarantee in it's entirety is null and void if the gecko is not directly purchased and shipped by Hidden Valley Geckos**

I reserve the right to refuse sale.

ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN FULL UNLESS OTHERWISE DISCUSSED. Otherwise said payments MUST be made within 30 days. We will only ship if the gecko exceeds the cost of $250. You will be responsible for arranging the shipment outside the US I will not do it for you. We DO NOT Guarentee live arrival, once it leaves the US it is out of my hands. Please make sure you make proper arrangements. If somthing has happened please let me know and I will work with you to come to a fair agreement. In this case please do not dispose of the animal!! We do currently take bank transfers and PayPal for animals exceeding the cost of 1k! Anything under will be taken through PayPal. Payment plans are available! We will not be doing winter holds! We will take deposits 2 months out before shipping export dates, but we have run into an issue with very long holds recently and it is becoming more of a hassle. I do not mind working with you! Please feel free to PM with any questions you may have.

**If you send payment, I will assume that you have read and agree to these terms.**

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