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These are harlequin/pinstripe, extreme harlequin animals that come WITH lineage. There are NO bicolors or tigers in these (unless that’s your preference you can request we have a handful of really neat ones). Dalmations can be included if asked. They are mystery geckos as we will not be showing any photos of the animal. The parents names will be written on the cup

Animals will be 3-7g unsexed. We pull straight from the tub without sexing so it’s a surprise. You are able to ask for a preference of color but not of sex. We can’t guarantee color. We have very few yellows and reds that are harlies. We do have a lot of nice darks though. As well as some nice dals!

This price does not include shipping. PICTURED ARE SAMPLES ONLY, these will be in likeness of ones going into the boxes.

Mystery gecko

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