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This is mixed wholesale lot WITH lineage, everything comes with lineage in this bundle pack. This will include a variety of geckos including 3-5 adults, 4-7 sub adults, 10+ juvies and variety of babies. A ton of this stuff is face value 2-500, so whether you want to start new projects or resale higher end gorgeous geckos, this pack is for you. It will include pinstripes, trciolors,whitewalls,red, extreme Harley’s, red spot dals, possible supers ect. We are just in a spot that we are shedding off the majority of our projects for health reasons and would rather not re take photos of a lot of this. Some of what’s already listed here on the website will be in this box. Pictures included as to what will be in the box. Of course not all 55 will be listed and lineage will come on tags on the deli cups, parent photos will not be provided. All 2022/2023 pairings can be found on my Facebook page in their albums.

55 geckos mixed lot breeders starter bundle