Happy Holidays to Friends and family!!

Announcement: We are currently closed until Feburary shipping schedule wise, we can still meet locally and hold on orders of 300 or more. Please message us on facebook/instagram or email for pictures or info!


Here at Hidden Valley Geckos we strive to breed some of the best and brightest tricolor crested out there. We have been aiming for this goal since we first started in early 2016, it has been a long hard road but the future is bright! We enjoy having these unique critters around and we dont ever think we will get rid of them. They each have their own unique personality in a way. We do aslo breed leachianus geckos as well as gargoyle geckos. We are slowly building up our collection of both and breed high color mix Leachies as well as red blotch and reticulated gargoyles.


We absolutley love our gargoyles, although they can be a bit slower to breed, the reward is great! We mainly focus on the super super reds, although stripes arent particulary in our book we have two here, Dragonsblood being my avsolute favorite. Macabre here on the right however is what really started to draw me into gargoyles, her red is so insanley bright we hope to produce more.


Last but certainly not least is Leachianus geckos, i absolutley adore the finger hugging pickles, althought they can be quite mean and can land a nasty bite for a gecko, they are just so beautiful. High color is what we aim for, we dont really mind the local, although my favorite my be Yate. The larger and more color they have the better in my opinion, we have several pairs breeding here and plan to keep expanding once we aquire more space.